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One Way Vision (LM50000/LM53000)

This removable type LM50000 Series has been specially formulated to create see-through window graphics for both interior and exterior applications. LM50000 series' unique perforation allows for full viewing of a graphic image on one side, while still allowing people to see through a window from the other side.

One Way Vision (LM50000/LM53000)


  • Allows the full graphic image to be seen on one side, while still allows seeing through a window from other side
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Highly perforated film (LM50000 - 50% Perforated / LM53000 - 30% Perforated)
  • Removable Adhesive
  • LM50000
    Standard Width: 48”, 54”
    Standard Length: 30yd
  • LM53000
    Standard Width: 48”
    Standard Length: 30yd

Converting Methods


  • Use one of these cutting methods
    - Sharp knife, Cold steel rule die, Razor blade
  • These factors can affect cutting and weeding quality:
  • Weight on the knife: Slightly notch the liner.
  • Sharpness of the knife blade: Dull knifes create a serrated look to cut edge of the film

Compatible Products

  • LG overlaminate PVC cast gloss film
  • Selected LG vinyl films
  • Flat and transparent substrates such as glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, PET-G sheet

Physical Properties

Physical Properties
Item Description
Film 5.5 mils(140㎛)
Thickness with adhesive 6.7 mils(170㎛) (± 10 %)
Adhesive Acrylic based pressure sensitive (Solvent based)
Liner Double side olefin coated paper
Application surfaces Transparent glass, acrylic, LG vinyl films
Application temp. 4℃ ~ 38℃ (40℉ ~ 100℉)


Durability is based on field experience and exposure tests in South Korea. Outdoor durability is 1 years when properly processed and applied with LG Laminates films.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 1 year from factory shipment
Storage condition: Free from excessive moisture, temperature, direct sunlight (20℃ x 50% R.H)

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