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The CAL 6000 series is a mid to long-term (5-7 years), high gloss, polymeric, calendered film designed for indoor and outdoor sign applications. The CAL 6000 series offers high dimensional stability and longer durability for various applications as well as superb cutting and weeding characteristics.


Areas of use

  • Exterior and Interior graphics
  • Point-of-purchase or trade show displays


  • Vehicle & fleet marking film
  • Surface film: Opaque & glossy polymeric PVC film
  • Adhesive: Solvent, clear permanent acrylic
  • Release Liner: Clay coated paper
  • Available width: 15” Punched, 24” Unpunched (Some colors are available in 30” P/U and 48” U)
  • Available colors: 45 glossy & 2 matt colors
  • Standard roll length: 50 yards or meters

Converting Methods


  • Electro cut/Hand cut/Kiss cut/Die cut

    ⇒ These factors can affect cutting and weeding quality

  • Weight on the knife: Slightly notch the liner.
  • Sharpness of the knife blade: Dull knifes creates a serrated look to cut edge of the film

    ⇒ LG Hausys recommends vinyl weeding takes place soon after cutting (Within 1 Hour).

  • If weeding is delayed too long and if the temperature is too high, the adhesive layer could “reseal” itself and could hinder the ease of weeding.

Compatible Products

  • LG Hausys's flexible sign faces (Flex)


White & Black Colors Metallic
7 years 6 years 5 years

Shelf Life

Shelf life is 1 year from factory shipment.
Storage condition: Free from excessive moisture, temperature, direct sunlight (20℃ x 50% R.H)

* If product are used after shelf life passed, we don't guarantee the durability or properties in this bulletin.

Physical Properties

Physical Properties
Property Result
Film thickness 2.6mils(65㎛) ± 10%
Tensile strength Min 1.8kg/cm²
Elongation at break Min. 130%
Adhesion (24 hours) Min. 1.800g/inch
Dimensional stability (DIN30646) Max. 0.25mm
Gloss level (60° Gloss meter) ≥ 60
Temperature resistance -45℃∼ 82℃
Minimum application temperature ≥10℃

* Recommended application temperature: 18~25℃

Additional Tips & Recommendations

Tips to prevent mottling

  • 1. Follow storage temperature and humidity conditions, 23 ±5°C and 50±5 % RH.
  • 2. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
  • 3. Suspend rolls or keep them in boxes with end plugs that are designed to suspend the roll.

How to eliminate mottling

  • 1. Unwind the roll and apply heat directly to the mottle area using a heat gun.
    Mottle should begin to go away immediately.
  • 2. Unwind the roll and allow to dwell in a warm area.

LG Hausys Recommend to use only material with the same batch number for the same colour.


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