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Deco foil

LG Hausys Deco foil provides a high grade surface that utilizes advanced print process technology. We have an extensive library of colors, textures, patterns and finishes to meet your design and application requirements.
LG Hausys has products to fulfill your needs whether it is RTF for kitchen, bath and furniture, Flexible for flat lamination and moldings, Interior/Exterior foil for windows and extrusions or interior film for commercial application.

Deco foil (RTF, Thermofoil)

3D Deco foil

LG Hausys 3D Deco foil is PVC decorative film for membrane pressing or vacuum forming to laminate fiberboards. The surface is coated with various lacquers from anti scratch to semi gloss while the reverse is coated with primer to promote a durable bond.

Thermofoil - 3D Deco foil

High Gloss

Utilizing high technology, LG Hausys provide High Gloss foil that exceeds expectation. Its specular surface quality and extreme gloss give a high class appearance.

Thermofoil - High Gloss

Flexible foil

LG Hausys Flexible foil is designed for flat lamination and profile wrapping. Our Flexible foils are well-known for easy process that complies with all wrapping or flat lamination machines and glues that are available in the market.

Thermofoil - Flexible foil

Exterior foil

LG Hausys exterior foil is an acrylic composite product, accessible in a variety of colors. This material is intended for surfacing, primarily aimed towards PVC windows and doors, as well as folding shutters, fences, garage doors, and paneling, which require exceptional weather resistance

Thermofoil - Exterior foil

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