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LG Hausys Bio foil known as RTF (Rigid Thermofoil) is specially designed to be seamlessly membrane pressed or vacuum formed around contoured components, eliminating the need for edge banding or other edge treatments. This application seals the core panel substrate from bacteria and moisture, which makes Bio foil an excellent choice for all markets from residential furniture to healthcare applications where a higher level of anti-bacterial properties is required over standard RTF. Bio foil provides outstanding protection in difficult medical and health care environments.

Bio foil


  • Designed for 3D Lamination on MDF Board
  • Contoured furniture component, Cabinet Doors , Drawer fronts
  • Office furniture , Store fixtures


  • A higher level of anti-bacterial properties.

Physical Properties

Physical Properties
Properties Measurement Test Method
Thickness 12mil ~ 16mil (0.30mm~0.40mm)  
Width 57inch (1,450mm)  
Anti Bacterial Clear Zone of Inhibition AATCC 147
Anti Bacterial ( Face / Back ) None ASTM G-21
Tensile Strength (kgf/cm²) 360min (L) / 300min (W) ISO 527-3
Tear Strength (kgf/cm²) 80min ASTM D 1004
Ball Impact 118'' min NEMA LD3-2005
Izod Pendulum Impact Strength (kg/cm²) 6min ASTM D 256

Stain Resistance by NEMA LD3-2005

Stain Resistance by NEMA LD3-2005
Test Material Score Test Material Score
Distilled Water 0 Catsup 1
Ethyl alcohol solution 0 Yellow mustard 2
Acetone 5 10% Iodine 2
Household ammonia 0 Black permanent marker 3
10% Citric acid 0 #2 Pencil 2
Vegetable oil 0 Wax crayon 1
Fresh coffee 0 Black paste shoe polish 23
Fresh tea 1 Total 19

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