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LG Hausys Autoskin will make your automotive interior look and feel luxurious. The look of leather while still being cost effective, gives the customer a premium interior that will exceed their expectations.

Autoskin (Automotive Interior)

Instrument Panel Skin

Through its broad research and manufacturing experience in advanced chemicals and materials since 1947, LG Hausys has advanced and leading edge of technology for instrument Panel Skin one step further, offering the highest level of satisfaction to customers.

Automotive Interior - Instrument Panel Skin

Door Trim Skin

Custom formulated high quality Door Trim Skin by LG Hausys's innovative technologies can improve all facets of your competitiveness.

Automotive Interior - Door Trim Skin

Seat Covering Skin

With its advanced Calendaring and Casting manufacturing technology, Seat Covering Skin offers the best solutions to your professional development needs.

Automotive Interior - Seat Covering Skin


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