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Door Trim Skin

Custom formulated high quality Door Trim Skin by LG Hausys's innovative technologies can improve all facets of your competitiveness.

Door Trim Skin


  • Excellent thermoforming even with deep draws
  • Excellent grain retention, touch and anti-fogging
  • Various specifications, properties and formulations can be controlled by motor company’s specification
  • Various foam applications according to forming process


Door Trim Skin - Surface Coating by urethane, Skin Layer, Foam Layer, Back Coating Layer
  Thickness Width Length
Door Trim Skin 1.5~3.5mm 500~1,400mm 50m/Roll,
Customized cut in piece

Modified to the customer’s various molding process

Vacuum Forming
Vacuum Forming
Door Trim Skin - [Melted Skin + Substratewith Adhesive] - [Forming by vacuum] - [Cooling] - [Finished Door Trim]
Low Pressure Molding
Low Pressure Molding
Door Trim Skin - [Skin setting on the Molding(No Melting)] - [Upper Molding pull down + Inject Melted PP]- [Press + Cooling] - [Finished Door Trim]
Compression between Press
Compression between Press
Door Trim Skin - [Gelling the Woodstocks] - [Skin,Woodstocks Setting on the Molding]- [Press + Emission of CO2 through the holes] - [Finished Door Trim]

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