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Creating human-friendly and eco-conscious living space

CEO Message

President of LG Hausys Min Kyung Jip

President of LG Hausys Min Kyung Jip

LG Hausys was founded in April 2009 based on the early business of LG Chem, which was established in 1947. It is Korea’s largest construction and decoration materials firm as well as a high performance materials and parts company that has been an industry leader for the past half-century.

With a vision of ‘creating human-friendly and eco-conscious living spaces,’ we have positioned ourselves as a reliable, impressive, and people-oriented company that supplies eco-friendly products and materials and provides systems and solutions that maximize energy efficiency.

LG Hausys is creating enjoyable living spaces for customers by developing eco-friendly materials and utilizing them in sensible designs. We are also strengthening our competitive edge by focusing on enhanced features for IT and home appliances, and are continuously nurturing our future growth engines that include high performance windows, coated glass, adhesive film, architectural insulation materials, and lightweight automotive materials.

Our global marketing and design capacity has been enhanced to ensure business competitiveness in China, US and other strategic markets overseas. We have also implemented active localization strategies in emerging markets such as Russia and India, laying the groundwork to become a leader in the global construction materials market.

LG Hausys practices sustainable management, which protects the environment and promotes a future where communities coexist comfortably with economic development. We became the first Korean company to satisfy the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), demonstrating our responsiveness to climate change. We are taking the lead in social contribution activities through involvement in the Dokdo Natural Protection Zone and the Creating Happy Spaces project, while practicing responsible management that promotes the mutual growth of our partner companies.

LG Hausys is establishing a unique corporate culture called F4, in which employees focus on their work while having fun, complete tasks in a fast and fair manner and achieve good performance. F4 is short for Focus, Fun, Fair and Fast. Focus refers to concentrating on customer values and core tasks; Fun refers to working with a cheerful, confident, and positive attitude while communicating with others; Fair refers to having a right mind and fair, ability-based competition; and Fast refers to completing tasks in a timely and passionate manner and quickly reaching the targeted goals.

With “creating customer value” as the first and foremost business goal, LG Hausys will continue to create enjoyable, eco-friendly, and people-oriented living spaces through boundless determination and innovation.

Thank you,

Min Kyung Jip CEO, LG Hausys