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Creating human-friendly and eco-conscious living space

"Eco-Friendly" - LG Hausys America

We are evolving into
a green and clean company
through environmental management

Environment, Safety and Health Policies

Under the vision of 'Nature, Human and Space : creating human-friendly and eco-conscious living spaces' we are targeting to create eco-friendly, energy-saving, and customer-friendly products and services for innovation of customer values. with the intent of the LG Green Declaration, furthermore, we have set and posted customized environment, safety and health policies and have them available to all employees through periodic education. As a result, the employees are fully aware of the importance of environment and safety and try to observe the related policies at work.

Environment and Safety Management System

We, LG HAUSYS, have established an environment & safety management system and earned ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 and KOSHA 18001 (Occupational Safety and Health Management System). We are also acknowledged for the environmentally friendly business practice by the Ministry of Environment as an environmentally friendly enterprise.

Continuous Improvement

  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Impact Assessment / Evaluation of Environmental Risks
  • Planning
  • Execution and Operation
  • Checkup
  • Management Review

Environmental Management System

  • Promotion of
    Voluntary Agreement in Environment
  • Pollutant Release
    the Environment Reduction Activities
  • Voluntary Agreement for Reduction
    of Toxic Release
  • Waste Recycling VA Activities
  • Operation of Environment & Safety IT System

The Products Solutions & Systems for Green Growth

Zero Emission

Development of energy-reducing Green technology that creates new-renewable energy which minimizes CO2 emission

  • Energy Saving High Performance Window/Glass System High Performance Insulators
  • Eco
    Solar power Generation
    Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

Eco Friendly

health / pleasance / beauty based on environmentally friendly materials inside living space

  • Natural Resource Recycle Biodegradable / Recycle materials
  • Indoor Air quality Improvement Interior materials that lacks TVOC Air quality improving materials

LG Hausys Eco Collection

  • Vacuum Insulation Panel
  • Acrylic Solid Surface (Recycled)
  • BIPV
    (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)
  • Auto-ventilation Windows
  • Clean Air Wall covering
  • Three-layered Glass / Vacuum Glass
  • PLA(Polylactic Acid) Flooring
  • Wood Polymer Composite
  • Vacuum Insulation Panel

    With heat-insulating performance that is 8 times stronger than that of the existing insulator, it is possible to reduce the thickness of the wall greatly and to improve energy efficiency.

  • Acrylic Solid Surface (Recycled)

    This is an environmentally friendly interior marble that minimizes energy uses. Since this marble is composed of recycle chips, it possesses as excellent ability as the existing normal marble does.

  • BIPV

    The Building Integrated Photovoltaics(BIPV) is a state-of-the-art window energy system, which converts solar energy into electricity.

  • Auto-ventilation Windows

    The auto ventilation window that can ventilate air inside by itself without the need to open it, and also can improve heat-insulating ability further.

  • Clean Air Wall covering

    The surface of Clean Air Wall covering is eco-layered. These eco-layers react to visible ray that come from sunlight or fluorescent and disassembles toxic substances in the air, making indoor air clean and pleasant.

  • Three-layered Glass / Vacuum Glass

    Injection of Krypton Gas into three-layered glass provides glass with high heat-insulating performances and minimizes occurrence of condensation on the glasses. There is vacuum between the two layers of vacuum glasses. This vacuum glass minimizes heat loss that can happen from conduction, radiation convention.

  • PLA(Polylactic Acid) Flooring

    The eco-friendly flooring is made of natural material (Not from chemical resources such as PVC,DOP). there is no environmentally harmful substances that cause environmental disease. Using biodegradable natural resin as main element at the discarding stage to reduce producing greenhouse gas.

  • Wood Polymer Composit

    Luxurious, strong and environment-friendly rein-forced wooden materials which have smooth surface made of natural wood floor and eco friendly olefin.